The Centre is defined as Swan Active Ballajura, Swan Active Beechboro and Swan Active Midland building and grounds.
The Conditions of Entry, which appear below, form the conditions of entry to Swan Active Ballajura, Swan Active Beechboro and Swan Active Midland (“the Centre”). Any amendments will be posted at the entry point to the Centre.
Any patrons not observing any of these “Conditions of Entry” may be asked to leave the Centre, and if they refuse, may be removed from the facility and prevented from re-entering or using the facility for such period as the Centre Management at its sole discretion may determine. Memberships may be cancelled if deemed necessary.
Alternatively, patrons that contravene the Centre’s terms and conditions may be issued with an infringement notice and penalty by Centre Management as per the City’s local laws.
Any person who knowingly and deliberately breaches a “Suspension Order” risks further suspension orders or restraining order as appropriate.
All offenders including first offenders will be penalized to avoid claims of bias or preferential treatment.
It should be noted that all such decisions made from time to time by Centre Management are made in the interest of public health and safety to maximize the enjoyment of the Centre’s facilities.
Adhere to all relevant state government guidelines in effect at time of entry.

Centre Management may refuse entry to any person.
Entry may be denied to the aquatic centre, creche or other programs to people who appear to be suffering from any contagious, infectious or coetaneous disease or complaint.
Patrons must pay the applicable entry fee before entry to facilities will be granted. Some facilities and features require additional entry fees and must be paid before access will be granted.
A spectator fee applies to all non-swimming patrons entering the aquatic facility who are aged 10 years and over.
Customers 16 years and over are required to pay adult entry prices, unless a concession card is shown at the time of entry.
Persons entering the Centre shall not carry out any form of commercial or business activity without express consent being first obtained.
Centre Management will determine the suitability of the activity before it considers approval.

Each person granted entry to the centre acknowledges and agrees that they will enter upon the premises and/or participate in the programs, utilise the equipment and/or take advantage of the services offered therein, absolutely at his or her own risk.
Furthermore, each person indemnifies the City of Swan, its management staff and all contractors from all claims for loss, damage or injury which may be sustained in connection with their use of the premises.

You may be required by Centre Management to leave the Centre at any time.

None of the above is to be bought into the centre or left in the foyer. Bike racks are available outside the entrance.

All patrons entering the facility do so at their own risk.
No responsibility is accepted by the Centre for the loss of property, including personal property or property to hire groups, contractors, schools or other individuals. Lost property will be logged at reception and kept for 2 weeks. After this time it will be given to a not for profit organization to sell. All claims must be made in person, according to the lost property procedure.
Lockers are used at the patron’s own risk. Lockers will automatically be reallocated after locker hire time has expired. Should lockers be full, items cannot be left with centre staff for safe keeping.

6. AGE
Unless a patron is participating in a Centre run program, the Centre has several age restrictions to programs and facilities.
Patrons may be requested to prove their age and should carry identification at all times to enter the facility.
Children under the age of 10 years must be accompanied and supervised by a parent or guardian aged 16 years or over, at all times within the Centre. Parents of children under 10 must maintain a clear view of their child in the water, with no physical or structural barriers between the parent and child. This means the parent may have to continuously move to maintain this view.
Patrons must be 18 years or over to enter the gym on casual basis (conditions apply).
Fitness Classes
Patrons must be 14 years or over to participate in fitness classes. Patrons between 14-18 years must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to participate in fitness classes on casual basis (conditions apply).
Patrons must be 16 years or over to use the gym and fitness classes as a member. Patrons less than 18 years of age must have a parent or guardian to sign the membership declaration.
• Children under the age of 5 years must be accompanied and adequately supervised within arm’s reach by a full fee paying adult whom is at least 16 years of age. If the child is in the water, the adult must also be in the water. Children under the age of 5 years will be admitted free with a full fee-paying adult.
• Children under the age of 5 years must wear a wrist band so they are easily identified by pool staff. Unsupervised children will be removed from the water for their safety.
• Groups of children under the age of 10 years will not be admitted to City of Swan facilities where the number of supervising parents and guardians exceeds the ratio of 1:4. A ratio of 1:10 may be allowed for organized programs that are booked in advance.
• Spa/Sauna: Patrons 16 years and over are only permitted in this area. A wrist identification band must be worn.
• Pool: In the interest of patron safety, age and swimming ability restrictions apply to some special features such as pool inflatable, tarzan rope, turbo pool, leisure pool blowers and other features at the centre. Centre Management has sole discretion to restrict access to special features.
• Change rooms: Boys over the age of five years are not permitted entry to female change rooms. Girls over the age of five years are not permitted entry to male change rooms.
• Showers: Please limit time in showers to three minutes.

Concession entry is available for holders of a current Seniors Card, Government Pension Card, Veteran’s Affairs Card, Health Care Card or Student Card. Cards must be presented on entry and other identification may also be requested.

Membership and other refunds are not available from the Centre unless a doctor’s certificate is provided and / or exceptional circumstances exist. All refund requests must be made in writing. A 20% administration fee will apply.

Glass and sharp objects are not permitted in the centre. Entry will not be granted to people carrying glass containers or any object that is not required for a constructive use within the centre.

Centre Management reserves the right to conduct random bag checks or obligatory checks on all bags.

Mobile phones, cameras, video cameras and recording devices are not permitted to be used for any purpose in change rooms or toilets facilities. Permission must be obtained from any person or parents and guardians of children if they appear in any photos or recordings.

No alcohol is to be consumed on the premises without the written consent of Centre Management.
Entry will not be granted to people who are or appear to be under the influence of alcohol or prohibited drugs.

Abusive behaviour will not be tolerated within the Centre. Patrons displaying abusive behaviour towards staff members or other patrons will be asked to leave the Centre. Examples of abusive behaviour include shouting, yelling, invasion of personal space, physical or verbal threats, profanities and personal insults. However whether behaviour constitutes abusive behaviour will be the sole discretion of Centre Management.

Patrons must not commit any acts of vandalism or physical abuse. Any acts of vandalism or physical abuse will result in automatic suspension from the Centre and prosecution.

All patrons must shower before they use the aquatic facilities.

Patron’s must observe pool etiquette at all times, including keeping to the left of lanes and in single file, using lanes and other areas allocated for their specific activity and keeping left of the turning blocks when resting.

Patrons must observe gym etiquette at all times, including correct use and safe handling of weights and equipment, returning weights to the weight storage benches after use and wiping down equipment with a sweat towel or wipes after use. Patrons must also be aware of needs of other patrons and allow use of equipment between sets.

Patrons are required to be aware of programs conducted by the centre and hire groups. Deliberate interference of any programs or booked space may result in your removal from the Centre. The operating times of features at the Centre will be at the discretion of the Management.
Patrons participating in programs must also adhere to specific terms and conditions of that program.
Private coaching, teaching or instructing of patrons that is deemed by Centre Management to be in conflict with centre run programs not permitted within the centre. This includes but is not limited to swim teaching, swim coaching, personal training.
Group fitness class timetable and scheduling are subject to change.

Patrons are required to wear appropriate clothing, as deemed by the Centre. Patrons with clothing deemed inappropriate will be asked to leave the Centre. The Centre is a family centre and Centre Management has the sole right to determine appropriate attire.
Closed in shoes, shorts, leggings, tracksuits, T-shirts are deemed appropriate. Towels are compulsory.
Fitness Classes
Closed in shoes, bike pants, shorts, tracksuits, T- shirts are deemed appropriate. Towels are compulsory.
Clothing designed for an intended use in an aquatic environment and is fit for purpose must be worn. Bathers, rash shirts, burkini’s and board shorts are deemed appropriate. Jeans, dresses, long flowing clothing, underwear, sportswear and non-specific aquatic footwear may be deemed inappropriate.
This will not apply to Swimming and Life Saving classes where the assessment process requires evidence of the candidate being able to tread water, swim or perform a rescue in street clothing; under strict supervision.
Clean T-shirts being worn for modesty or sun protection may be allowed at the discretion of Centre Management.
Patrons may wear clothing for medical or religious reasons. The items of clothing must be lightweight, in clean condition, not pose a safety hazard to the wearer of the garment, other users of the water body or facility staff performing a supervisory role.
Parents supervising young children in accordance with the Watch Around Water Parental Supervision Program who are in shallow water (ankle to calf deep) may wear normal street clothing, excluding non-specific aquatic footwear.
Babies or young children that would ordinarily wear a nappy for any part of their day must wear an aqua nappy when in and around all aquatic facilities in the centre.
Patrons who may experience loss of bowel control and/or that would ordinarily wear a nappy for any part of their day must wear an aqua nappy or sealed bathing attire that will capture faecal matter.

Not all facilities will be available to patrons at all times. Patrons should be aware that memberships do not include exclusive use of all services and facilities due to Centre run programs and hire groups.

Any appeals against suspension or the issue of an infringement notice must be in writing, giving as much supportive detail as possible (including time, date, witnesses etc.), and any decisions as to the appeal against will be at the sole discretion of the Centre Management.

The Centre is a non–smoking venue. Smoking is not permitted within the indoor or outdoor areas of the centre. Smoking is also not permitted within five (5) metres of the building or centre perimeter.

No animals or pets admitted into the Centre, with the exception of guide dogs.