Multi-Sport Holiday Madness

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Swimming Lessons

The next Swan Active Beechboro 5 day swimming holiday program for $127.50 per week, is scheduled to run from October 4-8, 2021.

Classes are 45 minutes and the price includes: 5 swimming lessons, 5 day pool access for the student and parent/caregiver to swim, two spectator entries per lesson, cross centre pool access and discounts on café and boutique purchases.

October 4- 8
8.00- 8.45Level 3Angelfish
8.50- 9.35BarracudaLevel 2
9.40- 10.25CrocodileLevel 5
10.30- 11.15Level 7/8/9Level 1
11.20- 12.05Level 4Level 3
12.10- 1255DoryLevel 6

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