On Sunday, 29 January, 11am – 2pm, the people of Swan got to experience something truly special. From giant inflatables to an epic foam pit battle, there was something for everyone at Swan Active’s “Swan Inflatable Day 2023”. It was a day of fun and games that made lasting memories for the whole community. Thanks to Perth Bounce Castle Hire and Monsterball, the grounds of Swan Active Beechboro were filled with all kinds of giant inflatables that were enough to make even the grown-ups have a go. Everyone had a great time bouncing around like swans in the warm sunshine (though none moved quite as gracefully as actual swans 😆). Let’s take a look at what made this day oh so special.

Swan Active Inflatable Day
When your family event has a million and one activities, it’s like the party that never ends!

The Foam Pit Battle Royale

The foam pit was definitely a crowd pleaser. Although it looked like a giant pile of laundry from the outside, inside there were some epic battles fought between tiny and not so tiny humans. Everyone had the chance to go wild in the foam pit and it seemed like no one wanted to come out!

Swan Inflatable Day Beechboro - Foam Pit
Who knew foam pits could be so much fun!? It was so much fun to witness the epic battle between kids and big bubbles!

A Chance To Take Playtime To The Next Level

We all know how much kids love playing – but this wasn’t just any ordinary playtime. Kids were able to explore new activities, test their skills and push themselves further than ever before in a safe environment. They even got to roll in Zorb balls and riding exercise bikes in return of a yummy milkshake – all without leaving the comfort of their own neighbourhood! What’s not to love about that?

Swan Active Inflatable Day Beechboro - Giant Inflatable Slide
Oh my goodness! I think the little boy just jumped over the moon!

Until next time…

It goes without saying that everyone had an amazing time. From the laughter and cheers echoing through the grounds to the smiles on everyone’s faces—it was clear that this event had been an enormous success! Special thanks again to everyone for making this event such a safe environment for families to enjoy themselves in. We can’t wait until we get together again at our next event and make some more happy memories together. To those who attended our “Swan Inflatable Day 2023” event — we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making it so special. We would love to hear your favourite memories from this special day – so don’t forget to share them with us on social media using @SwanActive #SwanInflatable! Until next time…it’s a wrap

Swan Inflatable Day Beechboro
We loved to see families out here and having some fun in the sun – bouncing, sliding, and playing together.