On Sunday afternoon, 19 February, Swan City Snipers and Swan Active Beechboro came together to host a charity fundraiser event that was all about supporting our local community. With performances from Next Level Dance Academy and Binar Futures and generous gold coin donations by attendees, the event was an amazing success! We are proud to say that we raised $919.16 for Youth Focus WA – a cause that is close to our hearts. Let’s take a closer look at what this organization does and how it affects our community.

What Is Youth Focus WA?

Youth Focus WA is an incredible charity organisation dedicated to helping young people in our community who are affected by mental health issues related to suicide, anxiety, depression, and self-harm. They offer frontline services such as counselling, psychological services, school programs, group workshops, online activities, and more. Their goal is to support these young people in their journey of healing so they can become successful adults with strong mental health.

Why Is It Important to Support Youth Focus WA?

Mental health issues can have a devastating effect on an individual and their family members. It’s important to support organisation like Youth Focus WA because they provide invaluable resources that help these young people heal while also educating them on ways they can prevent further mental health issues from developing in the future. The work being done by this organisation helps create healthier communities where individuals feel empowered to reach their fullest potential without fear or stigma surrounding mental health issues.

This event was a real achievement of our community—a reminder of the power of coming together for a good cause! We thank everyone who showed up and supported this great cause! Together we can make a difference! 💗💗💗