Time to swim, walk or move in the pool to Keep on Track this winter.

This years Keep on Track welcomes a new edition – Challenge Yourself. And the WA borders are now open, so let’s celebrate international travel together.

As a group, we will be accumulating our laps to reach our target destination, Bali (2,612km). Because who doesn’t love a cold beverage and relaxing massage to finish their swim?

But here’s the catch, each week you submit your pool laps they will be tallied onto a leader board. You will be able to view your previous weeks lap score, so you can try and go one better the follow week. To challenge yourself.


  • 14 weeks
  • Monday 30 May –  Sunday 4 September

How to get involved?

  • You don’t need to register but,
  • Every time you go for a swim – you need to submit the form at the bottom of this page with your laps and name

What happens next?

  • Each week we will update the Keep on Track leader board
  • 1. The leader board will show your previous weeks lap score and your accumulative total, to challenge yourself
  • 2. The leader board will show the overall accumulative total (adding each swimmers laps), to reach our target destination Bali

Lets stay connected.

  • Monthly updates to our Facebook pages
  • Regular internal monitor updates at your Swan Active site
  • Anyone who participates will receive a Keep on Track certificate – but we need to reach Bali first!

Follow us on our Swan Active Facebook pages:

To view the leaderboard:
Keep on Track Leaderboard

* Swan Active Midland is currently closed for refurbishment and will be unable to house the Keep on Track program this winter.

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