I think many would agree when I say, I never really imagined I would ever be in this position… from going into a workplace every day to working from my dining table but here we are. What a crazy world we currently live in.

Here are some tips from my first EVER week working from home:

  • Get dressed – oh I know how inviting it is to stay in your PJ’s but getting dressed for the day really helps with motivation.
  • Do some exercise – I have been taking my Labrador for a walk every morning to clear my mind before I start my work day.
  • Prepare a work space – whether it is a dedicated room or surface in your house. This will be your consistent work space and have everything you need. If required, move others out to ensure you can concentrate.
  • Have adequate technology – this is very important for productivity. If you need to request more resources contact the relevant person.
  • Set your work hours – Structure your day like you would in the office and stick to it. No checking work emails all day and night, create work life balance.
  • Make to do lists – As you cross them off you will feel accomplished and productive.
  • Ergonomics – A comfortable chair is essential in trying to maintain good posture.
  • Take clear breaks – get up from your desk regularly and stretch, go for a 10min walk or play with the dog.
  • Eat healthy snacks and lunch – to hold yourself accountable you could pack your lunch as you would for a normal work day. If you are as lucky as me your beautiful children will make you something delicious. My lunches have consisted of healthy wraps made by my daughter.
  • Keep in touch with colleagues – video call, phone call, or message other colleagues to brainstorm together and keep connections. No one wants to be an island. A good App to help stay connected is Microsoft Teams.
  • Remember to share how you are feeling and remember we are all in this together.

Love to all our members, patrons and friends.

Stay safe everyone.

Tracey xx

We hope you found Tracey’s tips helpful!