Taking the bins out is usually a pressing chore that must be done. However for some stuck in isolation, it has become the highlight of their week. People across the globe have been dressing up for the occasion and posting their outfit online.

We thought we would get involved and while we were at it, check the health of our recycle bins. Did you know batteries should not be placed in the recycle bin? Rechargeable batteries and lithium ion batteries are hazardous and could produce sparks that may start a fire in the trucks or recycling facility. This includes batteries in laptops, mobile phones, power tools and cameras. Aldi supermarkets offer a free battery recycling service at all their Australian stores.

Some of the items that our recycling bins do enjoy are paper (not shredded), plastic bottles (without the lids), aluminium and tins cans. For more information on recycling go to, https://www.swan.wa.gov.au/Your-Services/Waste-Services/Recycling

In the mean time we would love to see what outfit you are taking your bin out in, email it to activemidland@swan.wa.gov.au to feature on our Facebook and Insta pages.

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