Whilst the current global situation has been tragic and left us with the feeling of uncertainty, it has also given us some time to reflect and make light of a dark situation.

The pandemic has forced people to slow down.

What has occurred may have been a wonder in disguise. We now have more quality time with our family, and everyone appears to have become more active. The streets and parks are filled with people and families walking, walking their dog, riding their bikes and most importantly smiles and laughter. The footpaths are coloured with chalk rainbows, messages of positivity and hope.


Kids are engaging with their parents on social media platforms such as TikTok to have fun and be active which is developing stronger family connections. Our seniors have become more tech savvy as they learn to use facetime apps to be able to keep connected with their families.

People are now taking the time to acknowledge their neighbours, some even having driveway parties and talking to their neighbour from across the street for extended periods of time.

And some people have enough toilet paper to see them through to the next decade (phew!)

Whilst what has happened to the world has been tragic and overwhelming, this halt may have provided a better outcome for the way we will continue to live our lives in the future.

We hope to see everyone continuing to be active, whether that is indoors or outdoors and cherishing time that they have with their families.

Take care!


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