Being a parent who works full time can mean that you miss a lot when it comes to your children. Because Swan Active Ballajura is open outside of general business hours, my day doesn’t always finish at 5:00pm- I come home and can still feel like I am only half there as I still have phone calls to answer and can feel quite exhausted or stressed from my day at work.

In saying this, I have found a great positive from working at home; I get to watch my daughter grow up! Of course I am still working just as hard, however I do have the greatest moments of small distractions. Ella is 8 years old and she is learning new things every day- they aren’t necessarily big things, but even just watching her make her own meals or learn to play a new video game brings me so much joy. I quite often watch with amazement as she reads something, or says something to me about a topic I didn’t know she knew anything about.

I am also loving the opportunity to be around to help her learn new things, and it lights up my day when she pops into the study occasionally and I hear ‘Dad, how do I do this?’ Today’s goal is to learn the first step of the Rubik’s cube.

I see glimpses of the families of my colleague’s when we are on Zoom meetings. It is so great to think about how we are all able to interact with our families more, whilst still getting our work done! Let’s hope that it is a habit that we can keep going once things are back to normal!

Make the most of this extra time with your families and stay safe.