This January lifeguards kept a closer eye on positive behaviors in and around the pools.

Water safety is important. Did you know we have been part of the Royal Life Saving Watch Around Water program for over 15 years? We are one of 350 public pools across Australia who have been working to educate parents on the importance of supervision of children in and around the water.

The Positive Reinforcement Program is an initiative to help with education, in a positive way. With spot prizes daily and a major prize each week, the team was able to send a positive message to families and educate on safe pool rules.

Week 1 – using lanes correctly

Xavier, Hunter & Addison were major prize winners week 1 for using lanes correctly. The three siblings get to enjoy a cricket set for some back yard cricket at home. Lifeguards noticed their good behaviors and gave the prize because Addison was swimming continuous laps in the slow lane mainly, but Xavier & Hunter were also using the leisure area to have some fun.

Week 2 – wearing under 5 wristbands.

Sana & Sarah were major prize winners week 2 for wearing under 5 wristbands. Sana gets to enjoy a Walter Watch Dog towel and Sarah a Swan Active towel to dry off this summer. Lifeguards noticed their good behaviors and gave the prizes because they came down with their blow up pool floats, showing off their under 5 wristbands. They had fun with family but made sure they were within arms reach of their parents at all times.

Week 3 – safe pool entry

Dante was the major prize winner this week for safe pool entry. Dante gets to enjoy a Swan Active merchandise pack and showcase that big smile while wearing his goodies out and about. Lifeguards noticed his good behavior when he came to the pools with his grandmother and safely entered the pool each time, but still had a heap of fun!

That wraps up the Positive Reinforcement Program this January. Well done to everyone for displaying good behaviors. The safety doesn’t stop there though, the lifeguards will always be keeping a close eye!