Mother’s Day is fast approaching and we have you covered! In just 9 steps we can help you create a gift for mum we know she will love that is quick and easy!

Things that you will need:

Step 1: Print off your tea cup template – preferably on card.

Step 2: Set your table up where you will make the tea cup.

Step 3: Cut your tea cup out – ask for some help if you need!

Step 4: Decorate however you would like! Colour in with pencils or texta’s, paint it or maybe even stick some glitter onto it.

Step 5: Cut along the white line that you will see at the top of your tea cup- you may need some help with this step.

Step 6: Make a loop with a small piece of sticky tape and stick it to the inside of your card. Grab your chosen teabag, and press this down onto the tape so that it sticks to the card.

Step 7: Pull the tab of the teabag and a little bit of the string through the slit that you have cut at the top of your tea cup. Stick this to the front of the tea cup with another small loop of sticky tape.

Step 8: Write a special message to mum inside your card.

Step 9: Give the card to your mum on Mother’s Day morning!



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