I’ve always been on the curvy side of things, but at the age 21 after ending a less than average relationship, I was physically and emotionally at my lowest point. I weighed in somewhere around 120kg, realising that emotional eating is no one’s friend.

It took me a long time to recover while working out who I was again, what made me happy, how to like me for me but most of all remind myself of my self-worth.

I knew it was time for change, so I started small. This wasn’t about a quick fix to lose weight. My journey began with walking around my neighbourhood, organising my kitchen and weekly meal planning. It was hard living on my own and cooking for one all of the time, but what made it easier was knowing that I was finally doing something for myself. I had to change up my cooking plan to food that could be frozen, you get over eating the same meal for the best part of a week pretty quickly. Being organised also meant that I had more time to work on the exercise.

I will be forever grateful to the industry I work in and the encouragement of the amazing people I work with. At this point in time I was working at what was Ballajura Aquatic Centre (now Swan Active Ballajura) and I am not a lover of swimming in a pool (way too much time dealing with my hair) so I did the next best thing. I went back to Swan Park Leisure Centre (now Swan Active Midland) where I had been a member when I was in high school; I worked really closely with the amazing trainers in the gym at the time. I needed to ensure technique was right- I know me well enough that if I’d hurt myself, I would have called it quits and said “it’s too hard”. I have made great friendships, learnt of the incredible journeys some of our members have endured and that our team and members are so supportive of people becoming their best version of themselves.

In 2011 I was transferred to Altone Park (now Swan Active Beechboro) and training became even easier- before work, after work, lunch times and even weekends. With new faces, new friends, new stories and new trainers, I lost around 30kg over five years before I begun to struggle, plateauing my journey.

Realising I needed more support. I joined Weight Watchers. With the help of WW I lost the last 25kg. Success!

This brought my total loss to 55kg over 6 years; they say slow and steady wins the race, but guess what, I found “the book of excuses” and 20kg…

  • I’m tired
  • I’m busy
  • My body hurts
  • I have other things to do
  • I’ve been at work too long today
  • New job
  • I’ll start tomorrow
  • That little bit extra won’t hurt

The truth is I got slack. So I start my journey again… at 89.9kg.

I am the only one who can make this change, stop my excuses and lose the weight. I know this is my journey to take. I am the only one who can make the change and lose the weight and that I am here doing this for me.

Let’s do this.