Looking for a winter challenge to keep you motivated? Join our biggest and epic water challenge and make your way from Perth to Broome around the beautiful coastline of WA in 2024. We’ll be with you every step of the way, cheering you on and motivating you at every milestone during your 2600 km adventure. Get ready to jump in our heated pools and complete your journey in 16 weeks!

  • 16 weeks
  • Tuesday June 4 –  Monday, September 30
How to get involved?
  • We’re all in this together! Join our Keep on Track event page on Facebook as we’ll come together to keep each other motivated and celebrate each milestone.
  • Plus, when you go for a swim, simply submit your laps and name in the form at the bottom of this page.
Keep each other motivated
  • Each week we will update the Keep on Track Leaderboard.
  • 1. The leader board will show your previous weeks lap score and your accumulative total, to challenge yourself.
  • 2. The leader board will show the overall accumulative total (adding each swimmers laps), to reach our target destination Broome.

And don’t forget, anyone who takes part will receive a Keep on Track certificate, and prizes will be awarded to the top two performers. So join us today and let’s make it to Broome together!

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Keep on Track Leaderboard

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