On Sunday October 25, Swan Active Beechboro held their third annual JLC Carnival with a total of 35 participants who represented the 3 Swan Active sites plus Wanneroo Aquamotion. These students were a mixture of students enrolled in Levels 8/9, JLC, Dolphins and Squad; some of whom had never attended a JLC Carnival before. This year  Swan Active Midland allowed us to use their centre for the carnival. It was great to see everyone participating and having fun, and we had a lot of close races and great times.


  • Everyone began arriving, filling up the grandstand
  • All participants received carnival packs  which included generous donations from Royal Life Saving Society WA
  • Attendances marked off
  • Many competitors hopped in the pool to warm up and practice for the first event



Event One: 50m obstacle race, 2 obstacles per lap

  • All participants were marshalled  and the details of the first event explained
  • Event one commenced starting with the open age group and going through to the <11’s ;programmed this way to provide the younger participants with some demonstrations before their turn
  • All went well and many decent times were presented



Event Two: 25m swim/25m manikin tow, using the small manikins fully filled (3/4 filled for the <11’s)

  • Marshalling commenced
  • As with first event we progressed down from open to <11’s
  • Once again this event went really well and some good times were again achieved



Event 3: Partner tow- the final individual event

  • In this event we saw a lot of our younger group plus children of staff members, having fun as they took the role of towing partners (many of whom went back to be a partner multiple times!)
  • As expected, some participants struggled with the rescue tubes, but with instructors on hand to assist they were able to figure it out



Event 4: Line Throw Relay/Swimming Relays

  • The last event of the day was a fun mingling event, and as such no points awarded
  • All competitors were randomly split into 4 even teams and the race was on!
  • After this the competitors participated in 2 swimming relays in their mixed teams
  • A fun way to finish the day


Event 5: Challenge Activity

  • Ran throughout the day
  • Involved answering questions and discovering information; this encouraged interaction between all participants
  • The duck activity was amusing to watch as students wandered around the pool seeking & counting all the ducks – FYI there were 14 in total (probably)!
  • Completed forms were handed in to staff
  • The entry with the most correct answers received a prize
  • Winner: Alyssa C well done Alyssa!


  • Sausage sizzles enjoyed by all and expertly cooked by Amber, Jean-Anne and Gabe
  • Announcements of results of the day


Age Winners    
<11’sBoysRunner UpThomas G19pts (Mid)
  ChampionBen S21pts (Wan)
 GirlsRunner UpMethuli T R25pts (Mid)
  ChampionZoe V26pts (Be)
<13’sBoysRunner UpJackson J22pts (Mid)
  ChampionJett F30pts (Wan)
 GirlsRunner UpSophia D18pts (Mid)
 ChampionPutu R30pts (Be)
OpenBoysRunner UpGabriel L26pts (Be)
  ChampionKen L28pts (Wan)
 GirlsRunner UpGeorgia H24pts (Ba)
 ChampionLizzie D30pts (Mid)
Swan Active Team ResultsPlaceAverage score (Based on an average score per  Swan Active participant per site)Site


Congratulations Swan Active Beechboro overall winners of the JLC Carnival October 2020

Well done and thank you to everyone who came and joined in, we hope you all enjoyed yourselves. Thank you to all parent and staff helpers on the day, we couldn’t run these events without your support.

Congratulations Lachie on organising a day that ran smoothly, embraced participation and was enjoyed by all. It was great to see everyone having fun and we look forward to seeing you all again at the next carnival.

Spread the word, encourage your swimming friends to join us next time!