21 June 2022

It’s been a busy weekend moving the gym equipment over to the function room. The team worked tirelessly so that we still had a home to lift weights, do some cardio, stretch and stay moving while the gym goes in for a makeover.

Here’s what an empty gym looks like, crazy hey! Many memories created in this space.

And here’s the new temporary gym in the function room. Some of the teams best tetris players were on deck over the weekend! We hope you enjoy the space for now.

Keep an ear out…. Winter Blitz is coming!

Warm regards

Swan Active

31 May 2022

Our gym is heading for a makeover, a big one. New equipment, new aircon and new flooring.  

A makeover of this size will need all hands-on deck, as a result the gym will be closed for a period of time. But don’t worry, we will still have a home for you.  

The gym equipment will be relocated to the function room during the closure period. The function room will be able to facilitate 75% of the equipment and will be your temporary home to lift weights, do some cardio, stretch and stay moving while the gym goes in for a makeover. 

How long will the gym makeover take?  

  • Full gym closure Sunday, 19 June, to allow equipment movement from the gym to the function room 
  • New temporary home in the function room from Monday, 20 June  
  • The makeover is anticipated to be completed by mid-September 

Tell me more about the gym makeover? 

The latest Technogym equipment will be installed. Designed to inspire, motivate and guide you along with an integrated app that records your workouts and results.  

A new functional training zone to elevate your heart rate, and a devoted stretch and mobility area. New free weights, plates, bars and an Olympic platform is on its way too. It’s all happening! 

It doesn’t stop there though. The long-awaited air-con is being installed, ready to keep us cool in summer, and some shiny new fans.  

What’s happening at our temporary home while the gym is closed? 

Business as usual, but with some added flavour. 

  • 12-week body scan challenge 
  • Winter Blitz 
  • Gym challenges 
  • Prizes and giveaways 
  • Health seminars  
  • How to use the new equipment seminars 

We also want to take this time to on-board you onto the new Swan Active app, book you in for a re-appraisal and provide you a new program, so you can hit the ground running when the makeover is complete. 

Will this impact my group fitness or pool membership? 

This won’t impact the group fitness or pool membership type; this is a curtesy email to advise you of the upcoming makeover to the gym.    

Function room classes have been accommodated temporarily in the group fitness room. Konga on Tuesday nights will be in the creche, and Yoga on Friday morning will be in the multi-purpose room. 

How do I stay up to date with the makeover? 

There will be regular updates on this page and a list of FAQs. You can also keep your finger on the pulse by following along to our Facebook page and checking internal monitors on the way in.  

Thinking of waiting until the makeover is complete? 

You can suspend your membership through ‘Your Online’ or fill in the form by clicking here. 

That’s all from us. If you have any questions on the makeover, please come speak to us or send an email to activebeechboro@swan.wa.gov.au  

We can’t wait to go along this journey with you. 

Warm regards 

Swan Active