How will I get access to the Function room?

You will still be required to scan in, more details for this will follow.

I want to suspend, but will the suspension be included as part of my 6 month max suspension in the calendar year?

No, you can suspend for the duration of the upgrade and your suspension benefits will still remain.

I want to cancel my gym membership, do I need to give notice?

Our standard 30 day notice period will not apply should you wish to cancel your gym membership.

I have a combo/full membership but I don’t want to come to the gym whilst it’s being renovated, what are my options?

You can down grade effective immediately, no 30 day notice period.

I have an upfront membership but I don’t want to use the gym, what are my options?

Easy, we will adjust your membership. This will add time to your membership by changing the expiry date and, should you wish to come back when our brand new gym opens, we will happily adjust it again…

I am a group fitness member and have a class in the function room, where will my classes be held now?

The current group fitness classes have been re-located to the group fitness room, however Konga on Tuesday nights will be in the creche, and Yoga on Friday morning will be in the multi-purpose room.

But the creche doesn’t have a sound system, how will Konga work on Tuesday night?

We have installed a brand new stereo and studio lighting, similar to what our current group fitness room has to keep the class pumping.

What are the gym upgrades and how do I keep up to date?

We will be installing, new flooring, new air con and the latest Technogym equipment to help inspire and motivate you. Click here for the dedicated updates page.

How will all the equipment fit into the Function room?

We will be transferring approx. 75% of the current gym equipment into the function room where you will still be able to get your sweat on.

Only 75% available in the function room, do I get a discount?

Unfortunately there will be no discounts on memberships. You will however have the opportunity to participate in a 12-week body scan challenge, winter blitz, health seminars and have a chance to receive prizes and giveaways free of charge.

When will the upgrades be finished?

We are anticipating a mid- September open date.

How do I find out more information on the upcoming challenges, giveaways and seminars?

We will keep you up to date will all the relevant information on our screens throughout the centre and on our Facebook page

If you have any further questions on the makeover, please come speak to us or send an email to  

Warm regards 

Swan Active