Prior to the impacts of COVID 19 many of us would have had a usual exercise routine and gained incidental exercise from our daily lives. I had good routine swimming laps most weekdays before work and a quick 30 min gym workout during my lunch break.

I have never been much of a swimmer however with a back injury preventing me from other forms of exercise I had little option. I started with only a few laps, with a regular routine I was able to build up a number of laps and a fitness level that made me feel great. Regular swimming was also helping me overcome my back problem!

When our Swan Active centres closed, exercise routines came to an abrupt halt. It was an interesting few weeks working through the rapid changes and implications in our lives. Exercise for me during these two weeks = zilcho! After two weeks of COVID 19 exercise hibernation I was feeling pretty flat, low in energy and vibrancy. I needed to get back into an exercise routine.

The Swan Active Team is providing some amazing online workouts, other activities and content to help you keep active and healthy minded during this period. I recommend you give it a go and find your new routine. Here’s my new routine I have put together with a little help from Swan Active, other platforms and of course my workout mate Zorro.

Swan Active TV

Morning – 30 minutes

  1. Warm up – 1 walking lap of the park = 1km (I’ve joined the Swan Walking Challenge with Swan Active ) – you can join too.
  2. Backyard Hustle – lunges, leg raises, sit ups, plank, push ups, squats and pull ups (15 reps of each exercise, complete 3 rounds) – taken a few tips from Stefano’s Outdoor 20min workout – check it out
  3. Wall Sit Challenge – my best so far is 1 min 28 seconds – needs some practise. You give it a try – Wall Sit Challenge
  4. Yoga – doggie style with Zorro (My dog), including complimentary face lick! – breach of social distancing! This is our inspiration! Doggie Yoga Inspiration

Evening – 30 minutes

  1. 8km ride – 30 minutes – Jarrad’s Bike Ride

Exercise Examples


Leg Raises

Sit Ups


Push Ups


Pull Ups

Wall Sit Challenge

Doggie Yoga

I hope this helps you find your new exercise routine!



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