Entertaining Prince Neptune: Paper Planes

Prince Neptune is feeling blue; he like many of us is missing his friends and more specifically his swim school family. We have come up with a series of activities to help keep him entertained and would love for you with your families to get involved and take part in the activities we have come up with.

The Challenge this week revolves around paper planes:

Send us a photo of you best or favourite plane and tell us how far it flew

There are so many designs that can be found:

  • On the internet
  • Books in the library
  • Perhaps you already have books at home
  • Self-discovery & invention

Planes folded for:

  • Distance
  • Stunt planes
  • and those that simply look good

Prince Neptune used coloured paper, but you can use any paper you like and could even decorate them with your own designs before or after folding

You can have a competition at home either against yourself or other people

  • Which plane flies the furthest inside?
  • Does the same plane also fly the furthest outside?
  • Do red planes fly faster?

If you made a stunt plane:

  • Did it fly like it was supposed to?
  • What did it do?

Prince Neptune’s best  distance plane flew 15m, did yours do better?

Have fun creating your planes and don’t forget to share yours with Prince Neptune:

Swan Active Beechboro



Here are some sites we found to get you started:




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