With Swan Active centres and other facilities closed at the moment it is important to keep working on skills at home so we can be ready for when programs resume and we can get back in the pool.

If you have a pool at home then that is awesome! On those nice sunny days get in the water and get your practice in.

For the rest of us it’s time to think outside the box of ways we can continue practicing our stroke and fitness.

Here are some tips for practicing swimming skills without a swimming pool:

  • Blow bubbles through your mouth and nose in the bathtub
  • Float on your back and front in the bathtub
  • Practice using your goggles in the bathtub
  • Walk around the house with your arms and head in a streamlined position
  • Practice flutter kick – on the floor or your bed, engage your core and keep your movements small and swift
  • Practice breaststroke – laying down on your bed breast stroke arms, breathing and timing
  • Practice freestyle – arm movements in the air, correct body position and ensure your chin is tucked
  • Breast stroke kick – sit on a chair or at the end of your bed, penguin feet, bend, circle and squeeze hooking your feet
  • For older kids – watching swimming videos can be really helpful to get a better understanding of starts, turns and finishes

Just because the pool is closed, it doesn’t mean we can’t continue learning.


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